Veins of Alcohol and Sequential Art
Dack draft #magic

Dack draft #magic


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If you have to fight forever for the one you love, at least you’ll never give up fighting. Is that not better than accepting what you have and risking a fall into apathy?
S. Saihtam; Never the End, from Blood On The Sands
Friday bomb drop?


what?  you mean like this? :)  Valerio Schiti ladies and gentlemen…

The Significant Dreams of Elsewhere

Today we got married, in some esleworlds-esque ethereal dream like place. For this world it was not real, but there I was actually happy. Truly happy, not just entertained for the moment or putting on an inebriated smile and bravado. It was nice. But the part that brings tragedy to this little tale is the fear that it will never be more than some dream or alternate reality unlikely to unfold for me here.